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July 4 in Gallatin

revised flyer july 4

Posted on: 26 Jun, 2015


Rodeo July 10 & 11


Posted on: 22 Jun, 2015


Drug Drop Off Day


Posted on: 18 Jun, 2015


Kids Summer Movie Series


Posted on: 16 Jun, 2015


Parking Lot “Safe Place”


A Better, Safer Way to Conduct Your Online, In-Person Transactions

Mayor Paige Brown tasked the Gallatin Police Department to provide a safe area in which to conduct transactions for the citizens of Gallatin. As a result, the Gallatin Police Department is welcoming the public to our parking lot to close their online transactions in a safer way. When using online services like Craigslist and Varage Sale, as well as Facebook and other social media sites to arrange transactions, safety should be first and foremost. Gallatin Police Department has state-of-the-art recording cameras of our exterior areas, thereby having a recording presence, as well as nearby officers.

Gallatin is one of the first cities in Tennessee to provide a safe area for such transactions. Transactions will occur in the parking lot only. No transactions will occur inside the Police Department building. We recognize and uphold the 2nd amendment for our citizens, but no weapons will be allowed on the police premises, thereby ensuring greater safety for those conducting transactions. Due to limited area of parking, transaction times are limited to 5pm to 7am Monday thru Friday. Transactions can occur all day Saturday and Sunday.

Posted on: 5 Jun, 2015


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