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Posted on: 27 Aug, 2015


Trash Can Billing Claim Form

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The City of Gallatin has been reviewing its list of customers being billed for collection of two trash cans each month. Our records indicate you are one of those customers. The City is asking you to check your Public Utilities bill. If you are being charged for collection of two cans, but never used two cans, we have implemented a process for you to request reimbursement:

1. File a claim with the City’s Public Works Department, Environmental Services Division.

2. Print the form here or get one from Public Works at 641 Long Hollow Pike. The Public Works phone number is 615-451-5909.

3. Complete the claim form and return it to Public Works no later than September 30, 2015.

4. Environmental Services will review past billing records and photos taken from the garbage collection trucks to verify only one can has been serviced.

5. If at any time two cans were serviced, or service for an additional can was requested, no refund will be issued.

6. If the City determines you are due a refund, we will reimburse you for up to 36 months of overpayment.

The City apologizes for any confusion this issue may have caused. We are happy to rectify it if you are eligible.

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2015


Work You May Not Always See

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Posted on: 3 Aug, 2015


Contractors Invited Aug. 21


Posted on: 30 Jul, 2015


Memorial Service in Gallatin for Chattanooga

The City of Gallatin is hosting a memorial service for the victims of the shootings at two military installations in Chattanooga last week.  The memorial service will be held at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 25, on the square in downtown Gallatin.  It is for the victims, their families, the entire Chattanooga community, and all those serving in the various branches of the military.  “If anyone would like to pay their respects, remember the victims, and show support for Chattanooga, they are welcome to join us,” said Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown.  The service should be brief. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press/Times Free Press. A man kneels by a makeshift memorial near the Armed Forces Career Center in Chattanooga.)


Posted on: 22 Jul, 2015


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