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The Engineering Division is committed to providing professional civil engineering services and public transportation and drainage infrastructure management for the City of Gallatin. The Engineering Division’s responsibilities include:
Review: Sketch, Preliminary, and Final Plats; Master Development Plans, and other Planning & Zoning related submissions; and Construction documents for Subdivisions, Sites, and any other construction in the City of Gallatin’s Planning Region.
Inspection: Subdivision and Site construction, which includes surety calculation and reductions, street infrastructure, drainage facilities, and erosion prevention and sediment control measures; R.O.W. excavation; All inspections associated with the City’s MS4 Program; and Traffic Signal any other traffic control device installation.
Management: Bridge safety/repairs; City funded R.O.W construction; City’s MS4 Program; Neighborhood traffic calming programs; Pavement rehabilitation; State and Federally funded transportation and drainage projects; and Traffic signals, programming, timing, and maintenance.
Professional Guidance//Coordination: Public Works/Utilities construction; State and Federally funded transportation and drainage projects; Traffic signals, programming, timing, and maintenance.
Administration/Enforcement: Subdivision Regulations; Stormwater Ordinance; Applicable Gallatin Municipal Codes; Any Engineering Division standards/policies.

Contact Information

Engineering Division
132 W. Main St., Gallatin, TN 37066
(615) 451-5965 – Phone
(615) 452-0348 – Fax

Nick Tuttle City Engineer nick.tuttle@gallatin-tn.gov
Dewayne “Buck” Rogers Assistant City Engineer dewayne.rogers@gallatin-tn.gov
Glenda Troutt Administrative Assistant glenda.troutt@gallatin-tn.gov
Brian Reifschneider Project Manager I brian.reifschneider@gallatin-tn.gov
Aaron Hickson Project Manager I aaron.hickson@gallatin-tn.gov
Richard Snow Engineering Technician richard.snow@gallatin-tn.gov
Jennifer Watson Stormwater Coordinator jennifer.watson@gallatin-tn.gov